Jim Colton

Jim Colton is the founder and a Managing Director of One Divot, the charitable organization behind the Hundred Hole Hike. Colton was named the 2011 Walking Golfer of the Year by the Walking Golfers Society for his work in raising money to help Ben Cox, a caddie at Ballyneal who was injured in a skiing accident. Colton walked 155 holes in one day and raised over $110,000 to help the Cox family. The success of that event has led to the formation of One Divot and the expanded Hundred Hole Hike in 2012. Colton also actively writes about his golf travels on his blog, wegoblogger31.com.

Note: I will be participating in four different hike events in 2013. Therefore, I will be showing up in four different hike events, each using the total target of 500 holes. A pledge in any of these four events is a pledge for all of the events, so please keep the 500-hole target in mind when you pledge.

Hiked in: 2010, 2011

Career Holes Hiked: 310


I'm supporting

Solich Caddie & Leadership Academy

The Solich Caddie & Leadership Academy was launched in 2012 to provide financially needy young men and women with the opportunity to learn and benefit from golf through caddying. This Academy provides the opportunity for kids to develop skills that they will use both on and off the golf course, to learn the caddie trade, and to potential qualify as an Evans Scholar.

Golfer Blog

One Year Later...

Like most Dads, I celebrated Father's Day by executing my God-given right to sit on the couch on watch golf all day. The guy who first decided to align the U.S.

Solich Caddie & Leadership Academy

Here's a nice piece by former HHHer Matt Ginella on the Solich Caddie and Leadership Academy and the Evans Scholars Foundation.

While We're Young: My 2013 Hundred Hole Hike (Vol. 4 St. Andrews)

There it was, in big beautiful, upper case letters at the top of the page:

OLD COURSE - Thursday, 04 July 2013


While We're Young: My 2013 Hundred Hole Hike (Vol 3, Cabot Links)

Walking up to the 10th tee at Highlands Links, Stanley Thompson’s masterpiece in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, I finally approached the twosome that I had been dawdling behind for most of the front nine. They were in the middle of a conversation with the woman at the halfway house (someone they obviously knew) and offered to let me play through. Of course, I obliged. As I pulled my club for this short, downhill par 3, one of the gentlemen offered, “Take an extra club…this hole always plays longer than it looks.”

While We're Young: My 2013 Hundred Hole Hike (Vol. 2 Ballyneal)

Ballyneal, the unofficial home of the Hundred Hole Hike, has always been the home of some pretty extreme numbers. First, we had a record $110,000 raised for one cause in 2011. Last year, the eight Ballyneal hikers were faced with 107 degree temperatures.

While We're Young: My 2013 Hundred Hole Hike (Vol 1. Pinehurst)

I don't claim to be a Payne Stewart expert or historian, but I recently discovered a little known fact about the late three-time major champion.

The Double Dose of Doak

Hundred Hole Hike season is upon us! This summer, 80 friends and I will be walking 100+ holes in a day for various charitable causes.

Stuck in a Rut

With exactly a month left before my first of four Hundred Hole Hikes, I finally got my training started in earnest.

A Walker's Guide to the Pinehurst Courses

[Note: With my first of four HHH's less than six weeks away, I wanted to get some insights on tackling the courses at Pinehurst Resort from my good friend Steve Kline, an accomplished amateur playe