Thoughts, Opinions, and Relief From 108 Holes

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This is pretty late to finally post my last blog entry from my 108 hole hike journey that took place. I wanted to provide some thoughts as I walked almost 40 miles in a single day. The weather for the day couldn't have been any better for June in St. Louis, MO. With temps in the 70's and a decent breeze all day, it was quite comfortable from that standpoint. It had been in the high 90's the week before. Here is my personal account of the day.

We woke up at 3:30 in order to get to the course and setup with teeing off at 5:00 AM. 1st of all I was not aware that we would be teeing off in the dark but I am so glad we did and I will get to that later. I could not even see my first ball but thought I had struck it good and fortunately I was able to find it in the right side of the fairway. I went on to bogey the 1st 3 holes on my way to my worst 9 holes of the morning at shooting a 41. Par is 35.

The 1st 36 holes seemed to go by like a breeze. Throughout the day I was unfortunately unable to make as many birdies as I would have wanted. We had a really nice gentleman from Cincinnati join us for 18 and actually gave me $20 to add to the donation total. I was not necessarily surprised but it did feel special that some complete stranger would offer some money. Within these 36 holes I managed to only record 2 birdies. For the 36 holes I was however only +13 over par. This would be the beginning though to the day becoming very uncomfortable for me.

The next 36 holes were not as easy as the 1st 36. I did manage to shoot 39, 44, 39, 39. 44 would end up being my absolute worst 9 of the day. These 36 I was 21 over par though. Definitely not good but with the speed we were trying to finish holes, I didn't focus as much as I normally would. I was also experiencing a lot of pain due to chaffing. This would end up making this day one of the longest of my life with almost every step going forward being worse than the previous. Oddly enough, jogging would help at times. Additionally, we had a ton of people start flooding the course. I had thought we were to be the only group of players on this course while we were playing. This was not the case and made waiting around absolutely awful. I did however have 4 birdies on this 36 which brings me to 6 total.

The last 36 started late in the afternoon. Despite all the pain I was in. And I mean it was truly painful. I ended up shooting relatively decently with 39, 38, 39, 39 as my scores for +15 over par for 36 holes. Unfortunately, I only had 1 birdie for a grand total of 7 for 108 holes. We were the only ones left on the course on this Monday which made the last 9 holes a relative breeze from the previous 54 holes. I was undeniably relieved to step to the last tee of the day on hole 9. I finished the round with 3 pars in a row including the last hole.

I am not necessarily disappointed in only getting 7 birdies, I just wish I had slowed down a little bit more on some putts and shots considering we would be backed up by people on the course. I am however quite pleased that I was able to complete all 108 holes. This was quite a challenge and much harder in my opinion than any marathon or half-marathon I have ever done. The endurance and pain that I had to go through was not something I had ever experienced before. My feet did not seem to be in too bad of shape during the day but the next couple of days would prove otherwise. I had definite bruising and blisters on several toes. After the day I had considered not playing golf again for sometime just to give myself a break. I had never thought a day would come where I was just tired of golf. I have played 18 since with my buddies that participated with me and am glad I did. Golf is such a wonderful sport and I am so thankful that I have friends like Mike and Scott that did this with me and pushed me to finish.

Until next time. . . If there is a next. . . Thank you!

Doug Uthoff

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